Can He Talk - Emily's Puzzle - Communication problems in children with autism

Can He Talk?

After hearing that my child has autism, the two questions I’m most frequently asked are, “Can he talk?” and “Is he high functioning?” When I answer “yes” to either question, their response is usually, “That’s good.”  As if I can breathe a sigh of relief because my child is only moderately disabled.
Lessons Learned this Christmas - Emily's Puzzle - grace and acceptance.
Life's Lessons

Lessons Learned this Christmas

This Christmas there were many firsts for our family.  The first time the boys met Santa and the contagious excitement that follows.  The first time they helped decorate the tree.  The first time they went shopping, picked out and wrapped gifts for Mommy and Daddy.  It’s also the first time that we ran out of money BEFORE all of the gifts were purchased. Ahem, like I said all kinds of firsts.
Watching Eli - Emily's Puzzle - Autism in siblings, brothers.

Watching Eli

Since Eli was four months old I’ve been watching him for signs of autism.  In my frantic search for an answer, a cure for his older brother’s autism, I came across many articles on the genetic likelihood of a child who has a sibling on the spectrum being diagnosed with autism as well.

Contentment is for Cows - Emily's Puzzle - Life's Lessons, Growing Up, Finding Happiness

Contentment is for Cows

When I was 19 years old I asked my Mom if she was happy.  She thought for a moment and said, “I’m content.”  I wrinkled my nose and said, “Ugh, contentment is for cows.”  We laugh about that insensitive remark now.  Back then, I felt sorry for her.  I wanted excitement and fun.  The thought of settling for contentment seemed so boring to me.
Take a Deep Breath Mommy - Emily's Puzzle - Feeling overwhelmed parenting a child with special needs? You aren't alone.

Take a Deep Breath Mommy

Lord help me, I’m having one of those days today.  The kind of day where I worry if my parenting choices are ruining my children.  The kind of day where I question my sanity for choosing to homeschool them.  What was I thinking?  They drive me nuts!  It’s one of THOSE days today.

Emily's Puzzle - Finding My Voice - Advocacy, Autism, Parenting & Family

Finding My Voice

Advocacy.  What does that mean exactly? It’s when you fight for someone or something, right? In my case it would be for my son with autism.  A common theme among the autism community is the importance of advocating for your child.  I remember thinking, “Advocate for what?”

Accepting Autism - Emily's Puzzle - A mother's emotional journey upon receiving her sons autism diagnosis from grief to acceptance.

Accepting Autism

I never want Owen to feel that his autism is something that needs to be hidden. I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to fix him or disguise his disability because of my inability to accept his diagnosis. Acceptance helped me let go of my expectations of what our life should be and embrace what are lives are really like today.