Emily's Puzzle - About Page - Family, Autism, Homeschooling and Me

Hi, I’m Emily.  Welcome to my blog, Emily’s Puzzle.  That’s me above with my perfectly imperfect family, my handsome husband, Jeff and our two extremely active and challenging little boys, Owen and Eli.  I’m a stay-at-home Mom and absolutely love it when I’m not bored to tears with the day-to-day minutia of it.

My oldest son Owen was diagnosed with autism at two years old when we discovered that he could not handle hearing his little brother cry.  His reaction to his brother’s cries was so extreme that my husband and I spent the first fourteen months of Eli’s life in separate rooms or cars, each taking care of one child because the stress of having the boys together was too much for Owen, for all of us really.

My husband works a full-time job during the day and runs his own advertising agency at night in order to financially support our family.  His constant sacrifice of money, sleep, and time with the family enables me the wonderful opportunity to homeschool our children, an exciting and terrifying journey that has only just begun.

Our life is not perfect but it has perfect moments that take my breath away.  The hardships that my husband and I have been through separately and then together as a family have helped us to appreciate and celebrate those moments and to have faith during the dark times.  Our life is perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t want it any other way.